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Endurance Racing "Must Have"

Endurance Racing "Must Have"

We had not raced in the Continental Tire Series for a few years, so stepping back into this world, we knew that there would be some new things to...

Essential for Production Race Cars

Essential for Production Race Cars

I remember the days in the 80s and 90s, when one of the key skills in driving a production race car was keeping from bending your brake pad backers. ...


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Track Wisdom

"The mark of a great racer is consistency. If you can consistently lap a track at the limit, with the lap times varying no more than 1/2 second, then you have a chance to be a winner. If your lap times vary more than that, no matter how fast some of them are, you won't win often."

-- Ross Bentley, Speed Secrets


No more boiled fluid at CMP.

Tuesday 15 September, 2009

No more boiled fluid at CMP.

I forgot to get back to you on those shields for the PBR twin piston Mustang/Corvette calipers.They definately work as I haven't boiled my fluid since I have used them which has only been twice at Carolina Motorsports Park.That's the track that has given me such problems. So thanks again.

I was at CMP this past weekend and had zero problems.I never once had the feeling that my brakes were starting to give up. The temp was around 80 so it wasn't real hot but I made up for that by really hammering the pedal and the sessions were 40 min long.I went thru a set of front pads each day.As of right now it looks like I can put off that brake hardware upgrade that I have been dreading.
Testimonial By: Rick Kirby — Winston-Salem, North Carolina — NASA Instructor, 2003 Mach1 Mustang

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