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Ti heat shields eliminated brake fade for my CTS-V

Ti heat shields eliminated brake fade for my CTS-V

I wanted to say again that I'm very happy with the shims so far. At Pueblo the ambient temps were near ninety. Many cars in my run group were...

Works Great for Sprint Cars

Works Great for Sprint Cars

Opening night we didn't have your product installed. Kind of hard on the brakes and they responded as I was used to. Next night, Your product...


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Track Wisdom

"Fluid fade... happens when the temperature of the caliper cylinder (or the piston) reaches the boiling point of the brake fluid and tiny bubbles of compressible gas form in and are diffused through the previously incompressible brake fluid. The pedal then goes to the floor, giving rise to frantic pumping of both the brake pedal and the driver's heart[...] Basically, if the pedal goes all soft and horrible you [...] have boiled the brake fluid. The only cure is to either upgrade the fluid or keep it cooler. This can be achieved either by increasing the cooling to the caliper or by insulating the caliper pistons."

-- Carroll Smith, Engineer to Win

Will these shims cause or prevent brake squeal?

These shims are a racing product, their purpose is not to prevent squeal.  Typically anti-squeal shims provide a spring material that actually increases sponginess and reduces brake feel.  Our product is made from a hardened alloy that maintains a rock solid feel for your brake pedal.  That being said, some people report that the shims do actually reduce squeal, probably by increasing the snugness of the fit in the caliper.  We also recommend our high performance brake lubricant/quiet to help preserve and maintain your brake components and to reduce any potential squealing.

High Performance Ceramic Brake Lubricant