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Awesome results for BMW 135i

Awesome results for BMW 135i

How did it go? ... VERY WELL! We can now complete one full session which we have never done before due to the brakes overheating and the pedal...

Winning Tech for Dodge Viper Cup

Winning Tech for Dodge Viper Cup

Another Dodge Viper Cup win for us! Thanks for the heat shields! The brakes were working overtime with 100 lbs of rewards weight on the car (and also...


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Track Wisdom

"The mark of a great racer is consistency. If you can consistently lap a track at the limit, with the lap times varying no more than 1/2 second, then you have a chance to be a winner. If your lap times vary more than that, no matter how fast some of them are, you won't win often."

-- Ross Bentley, Speed Secrets

Can these stop my calipers from changing color?

Many stock rotors these days are painted with a temperature sensitive paint that changes colors when they are exposed to excessive brake heat. We do not know why manufacturers do this, but we suspect that they want to provide a way for the dealership service department to determine if a car has been "tracked" and should have the warranty voided. We first noticed this issue on a Volvo S60R with Brembo brake calipers: the new calipers were a brownish bronze with white lettering, but when tracked hard the color would turn goldish with red lettering. This color change seems likely to raise flags at your service department!

Our titanium brake heat shields have been proven in some cases to eliminate this problem for calipers with temperature sensitive paint, however we cannot guarantee that it will work in all cases.  Give it a try, and take advantage of our money back guarantee if they do not work for you.  If you occasionally track your car which is under warranty, this is quick and simple insurance to help your car maintain its stock appearance.