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World Challenge GTS Success

World Challenge GTS Success

we had a LOT of success this weekend in the Hard Brakes Ti backing plates helping control the extreme temps of our factory Nismo calipers... We were...

Ti heat shields eliminated brake fade for my CTS-V

Ti heat shields eliminated brake fade for my CTS-V

I wanted to say again that I'm very happy with the shims so far. At Pueblo the ambient temps were near ninety. Many cars in my run group were...


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Track Wisdom

"Very high [brake] temperatures can also cause the brake fluid to boil with a resultant increase in pedal travel. This should be detected immediately by the driver, as a very small quantity of boiling fluid is enough for the pedal to go right to the floor without any effect; in contrast to the liquid brake fluid, the boiling part is compressible. It is particularly important that when the car has been stopped for a short time -- up to 15 or 20 minutes after a drive in which the brakes have become very hot -- the pedal is depressed for a check. When the car is at rest, brakes act as a heat sink from which heat spreads to the fluid contained in the calipers; brakes which were fully operative when the car was driven may have become totally inefficient after it has stood awhile."

-- Paul Frere, Sports Car and Competition Driving

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No more boiled fluid at CMP.

Tuesday 15 September, 2009

No more boiled fluid at CMP.

I forgot to get back to you on those shields for the PBR twin piston Mustang/Corvette calipers.They definately work as I haven't boiled my fluid since I have used them which has only been twice at Carolina Motorsports Park.That's the track that has given me such problems. So thanks again.

I was at CMP this past weekend and had zero problems.I never once had the feeling that my brakes were starting to give up. The temp was around 80 so it wasn't real hot but I made up for that by really hammering the pedal and the sessions were 40 min long.I went thru a set of front pads each day.As of right now it looks like I can put off that brake hardware upgrade that I have been dreading.
Testimonial By: Rick Kirby — Winston-Salem, North Carolina — NASA Instructor, 2003 Mach1 Mustang