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World Challenge GTS Success

World Challenge GTS Success

we had a LOT of success this weekend in the Hard Brakes Ti backing plates helping control the extreme temps of our factory Nismo calipers... We were...

Key to Enduro Victory

Key to Enduro Victory

Team Sahlen competes in Long Endurance Races. These are not your ordinary 90 minute enduros. No,were talking long, long races, 9 to 14 hours long,...


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Track Wisdom

"The mark of a great racer is consistency. If you can consistently lap a track at the limit, with the lap times varying no more than 1/2 second, then you have a chance to be a winner. If your lap times vary more than that, no matter how fast some of them are, you won't win often."

-- Ross Bentley, Speed Secrets

D52 Titanium Alloy Brake Heat Shields for Standard GM Intermediate, Stock Cars

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REDUCED PRICE OPTION: Our standard set of 4 heat shields provides two shields for the inner pads, and two for the outer pads. However due to the highly asymmetrical nature of this brake configuration we also offer a single set of heat shields for the inboard pads only. While we still recommend getting a full set of 4 heat shields for inboard and outboard in order to keep the heat load more balanced on the disk, most of the heat transfer for this model takes place on the inboard side so that is where the heat shields are most needed.

Improve your brake performance, reduce your maintenance costs, and increase your safety.

Hard Brakes titanium alloy brake shields provide a thermal barrier between your glowing hot rotors and your brake caliper and hydraulic brake fluid. This helps prevent heat damage to caliper seals and dust boots, as well as preventing overheating of brake fluid which can cause sudden loss of braking power. The primary benefits to you are better and more consistent braking on the track, saving time and $$ on repairs, and helping you keep your car on the track longer. Our top-grade titanium alloy heat shields are used by top professional racing teams in race series like SPEED World Challenge and Rolex Grand-Am, and give your track car the same brake heat mitigation materials used by major performance brake caliper manufacturers for a small fraction of the cost.

Hard Brakes titanium brake heat shields installed in brake caliper. Each shield is precisely designed to provide maximum coverage of the brake pad surface and to hook securely over the caliper pins for a quick and reliable installation that allows them to be re-used over and over again. Unlike some knock-off imitators, our heat shields have a smooth polished finish that is free of surface contaminants or burrs. We also are unique in taking special attention to providing cutouts and punchouts for mounting clips and other protrusions on the brake pad. Photo of a set of 4 titanium brake heat shields. In addition to our lab testing, our shields have been track tested and proven by legions of drivers around the world. Take advantage of our satisfaction guarantee and prove it to yourself! Pricing is per-axle (i.e. front or rear axle, each set includes 4 shims, one for each brake pad on the axle). We also recommend a packet of our ceramic racing brake lubricant with or without our heat shields, to ensure that all brake components are moving smoothly and to reduce brake noise.

TS-T-D0052  Brake Backing Plate Heat Shielding Shims

Fitment Guide [(F) = Front, (R) = Rear]
Buick  1972-1972 GS (F)
Buick  1972-1972 GS 455 (F)
Buick  1972-1972 Sportwagon (F)
Buick  1972-1973 Centurion (F)
Buick  1972-1975 Electra 225 Custom (F/R)
Buick  1972-1978 Riviera (F)
Buick  1972-1979 Electra 225 (F/R)
Buick  1972-1979 Estate Wagon (F)
Buick  1972-1979 Skylark (F)
Buick  1972-1979 Skylark Custom (F)
Buick  1972-1981 Lesabre (F)
Buick  1972-1990 Lesabre Custom (F)
Buick  1973-1973 Electra (F/R)
Buick  1973-1974 Century Luxus (F)
Buick  1973-1975 Apollo (F)
Buick  1973-1977 Century (F)
Buick  1973-1977 Regal (F)
Buick  1974-1974 Lesabre Luxus (F)
Buick  1974-1977 Electra 225 Limited (F/R)
Buick  1975-1975 Apollo SR (F)
Buick  1975-1975 Skyhawk (F)
Buick  1975-1977 Century Custom (F)
Buick  1975-1977 Century Special (F)
Buick  1975-1977 Skylark SR (F)
Buick  1976-1979 Skylark S (F)
Buick  1976-1984 Electra Limited (F/R)
Buick  1978-1980 Lesabre Sport (F)
Buick  1978-1984 Electra Park Avenue (F/R)
Buick  1979-1985 Lesabre Limited (F)
Buick  1980-1989 Electra Estate Wagon (F)
Buick  1980-1990 Lesabre Estate Wagon (F)
Buick  1991-1995 Roadmaster Estate (F)
Buick  1991-1996 Roadmaster (F)
Buick  1992-1996 Roadmaster Limited (F)
Buick  1996-1996 Roadmaster Limited Wagon (F)
Cadillac  1971-1976 Fleetwood 60 Special (F)
Cadillac  1971-1976 Fleetwood 75 (F)
Cadillac  1971-1978 Eldorado (F)
Cadillac  1971-1984 Deville (F)
Cadillac  1971-1985 Fleetwood (F)
Cadillac  1974-1974 Fleetwood 60 Special Brougham (F)
Cadillac  1975-1984 Commercial Chassis (F)
Cadillac  1976-1979 Seville (F)
Cadillac  1977-1984 Fleetwood Formal (F)
Cadillac  1977-1996 Fleetwood Brougham (F)
Cadillac  1987-1992 Brougham (F)
Chevrolet  1966-1977 El Camino (F)
Chevrolet  1966-1977 Malibu (F)
Chevrolet  1968-1974 El Camino Custom (F)
Chevrolet  1968-1975 Bel Air (F)
Chevrolet  1968-1985 Impala (F)
Chevrolet  1968-1994 Caprice (F)
Chevrolet  1969-1981 Camaro (F)
Chevrolet  1969-1991 Blazer (F)
Chevrolet  1970-1977 Monte Carlo (F)
Chevrolet  1970-1979 Nova (F)
Chevrolet  1970-1984 C10 Suburban (F)
Chevrolet  1970-1984 G30 Van (F)
Chevrolet  1970-1985 G30 Van Sportvan (F)
Chevrolet  1970-1986 C20 Suburban (F)
Chevrolet  1970-1986 K10 Suburban (F)
Chevrolet  1970-1991 G10 Van (F)
Chevrolet  1970-1991 G10 Van Sportvan (F)
Chevrolet  1970-1991 G20 Van (F)
Chevrolet  1970-1991 G20 Van Sportvan (F)
Chevrolet  1972-1972 Camaro Z28 (F)
Chevrolet  1973-1973 Laguna Estate (F)
Chevrolet  1973-1976 Laguna (F)
Chevrolet  1973-1976 Malibu Estate (F)
Chevrolet  1973-1977 Caprice Estate (F)
Chevrolet  1973-1979 Nova Custom (F)
Chevrolet  1973-1996 Caprice Classic (F)
Chevrolet  1974-1977 Malibu Classic (F)
Chevrolet  1975-1986 Blazer K5 (F)
Chevrolet  1976-1977 Camaro LT (F)
Chevrolet  1976-1977 Impala Custom (F)
Chevrolet  1976-1977 Nova Concours (F)
Chevrolet  1977-1977 El Camino Classic (F)
Chevrolet  1979-1984 K20 Suburban (F)
Chevrolet  1979-1986 C20 Pickup (F)
Chevrolet  1985-1992 Astro (F)
Chevrolet  1987-1990 Caprice Classic Brougham (F)
Chevrolet  1991-1993 Caprice Classic LTZ (F)
Chevrolet  1993-1994 Caprice Classic LS (F)
Chevrolet  1994-1994 Caprice LS (F)
FMSI Designation #  FMSI D52
FMSI Designation #  FMSI D122
FMSI Designation #  FMSI D313
GMC  1970-1972 G25/G2500 Van (F)
GMC  1970-1974 C15/C1500 Pickup (F)
GMC  1970-1974 C15/C1500 Suburban (F)
GMC  1970-1974 C25/C2500 Pickup (F)
GMC  1970-1974 C25/C2500 Suburban (F)
GMC  1970-1974 C35/C3500 Pickup (F)
GMC  1970-1974 K15/K1500 Pickup (F)
GMC  1970-1974 K15/K1500 Suburban (F)
GMC  1970-1974 K25/K2500 Pickup (F)
GMC  1970-1974 K25/K2500 Suburban (F)
GMC  1970-1974 K35/K3500 Pickup (F)
GMC  1970-1980 P15/P1500 Van (F)
GMC  1970-1985 P25/P2500 Van (F)
GMC  1970-1985 P35/P3500 Van (F)
GMC  1970-1990 Jimmy (F)
GMC  1970-1995 G15/G1500 Van (F)
GMC  1970-1995 G15/G1500 Van Vandura (F)
GMC  1970-1995 G25/G2500 Van Vandura (F)
GMC  1971-1977 Sprint (F)
GMC  1971-1984 G35/G3500 Van (F)
GMC  1971-1984 G35/G3500 Van Rally (F)
GMC  1971-1984 G35/G3500 Van Vandura (F)
GMC  1971-1993 G15/G1500 Van Rally (F)
GMC  1971-1995 G25/G2500 Van Rally (F)
GMC  1972-1977 Sprint Custom (F)
GMC  1974-1974 P35/P3500 Van Motor Home (F)
GMC  1975-1978 C15 Pickup (F)
GMC  1975-1978 C15 Suburban (F)
GMC  1975-1978 C25 Pickup (F)
GMC  1975-1978 C25 Suburban (F)
GMC  1975-1978 C35 Pickup (F)
GMC  1975-1978 K15 Pickup (F)
GMC  1975-1978 K15 Suburban (F)
GMC  1975-1978 K25 Pickup (F)
GMC  1975-1978 K25 Suburban (F)
GMC  1977-1978 C15 Pickup Big Ten (F)
GMC  1977-1978 K35 Pickup (F)
GMC  1979-1980 C1500 Pickup Big Ten (F)
GMC  1979-1985 C1500 Pickup (F)
GMC  1979-1985 C1500 Suburban (F)
GMC  1979-1985 C2500 Pickup (F)
GMC  1979-1985 C2500 Suburban (F)
GMC  1979-1985 C3500 Pickup (F)
GMC  1979-1985 K1500 Pickup (F)
GMC  1979-1985 K1500 Suburban (F)
GMC  1979-1985 K2500 Pickup (F)
GMC  1979-1985 K2500 Suburban (F)
GMC  1990-1991 R1500 Suburban (F)
GMC  1991-1997 Safari Xt (F)
GMC  1991-2002 Safari (F)
Hawk Brake Pad #  HB103
Jeep  1971-1985 Wagoneer (F)
Jeep  1974-1976 Cherokee S (F)
Jeep  1974-1976 Wagoneer Custom (F)
Jeep  1974-1988 J10 (F)
Jeep  1974-1988 J20 (F)
Jeep  1984-1990 Grand Wagoneer (F)
Oldsmobile  1968-1968 Delmont 88 (F)
Oldsmobile  1968-1971 442 (F)
Oldsmobile  1968-1971 Delta 88 Custom (F)
Oldsmobile  1968-1972 F85 (F)
Oldsmobile  1968-1977 Cutlass (F)
Oldsmobile  1968-1977 Vista Cruiser (F)
Oldsmobile  1968-1978 Toronado (F)
Oldsmobile  1968-1981 98 (F)
Oldsmobile  1968-1983 Delta 88 (F)
Oldsmobile  1970-1985 Delta 88 Royale (F)
Oldsmobile  1971-1977 Cutlass S (F)
Oldsmobile  1971-1977 Cutlass Supreme (F)
Oldsmobile  1973-1979 Omega (F)
Oldsmobile  1973-1984 98 Regency (F)
Oldsmobile  1974-1975 Cutlass Supreme Cruiser (F)
Oldsmobile  1975-1975 Omega Salon (F)
Oldsmobile  1975-1977 Cutlass Salon (F)
Oldsmobile  1975-1978 Toronado Brougham (F)
Oldsmobile  1976-1977 Cutlass Supreme Brougham (F)
Oldsmobile  1976-1977 Omega F85 (F)
Oldsmobile  1976-1979 Omega Brougham (F)
Oldsmobile  1977-1977 Toronado Xsr (F)
Oldsmobile  1980-1985 Delta 88 Royale Brougham (F)
Oldsmobile  1982-1984 98 Regency Brougham (F)
Oldsmobile  1984-1985 Delta 88 Royale Brougham Ls (F)
Performance Friction #  PFC0052
Pontiac  1973-1973 GTO (F)
Pontiac  1973-1974 Grandville (F)
Pontiac  1973-1975 Grand Am (F)
Pontiac  1973-1975 Ventura Custom (F)
Pontiac  1973-1977 Grand Prix (F)
Pontiac  1973-1977 Grand Safari (F)
Pontiac  1973-1977 Lemans (F)
Pontiac  1973-1977 Lemans Safari (F)
Pontiac  1973-1977 Lemans Sport (F)
Pontiac  1973-1977 Ventura (F)
Pontiac  1973-1981 Bonneville (F)
Pontiac  1973-1981 Catalina (F)
Pontiac  1973-1981 Catalina Safari (F)
Pontiac  1973-1981 Firebird (F)
Pontiac  1973-1981 Firebird Esprit (F)
Pontiac  1973-1981 Firebird Formula (F)
Pontiac  1973-1981 Firebird Trans Am (F)
Pontiac  1975-1975 Grandville Brougham (F)
Pontiac  1975-1975 Ventura S (F)
Pontiac  1975-1977 Grand Lemans (F)
Pontiac  1975-1977 Grand Lemans Safari (F)
Pontiac  1975-1977 Ventura SJ (F)
Pontiac  1976-1981 Bonneville Brougham (F)
Pontiac  1977-1977 Grand Prix Lj (F)
Pontiac  1977-1977 Grand Prix Sj (F)
Pontiac  1979-1981 Bonneville Safari (F)
Pontiac  1983-1986 Parisienne (F)
Pontiac  1983-1986 Parisienne Brougham (F)
Pontiac  1987-1989 Safari (F)