Solid and Ventilated Titanium Brake Heat Shields
Patented Brake Heat Protection
Better Braking - More Track Time - Less Maintenance

D810 Stainless steel heat shields Skyline GT-R, Bugatti, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, McLaren

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Improve your brake performance, reduce your maintenance costs, and increase your safety.

Hard Brakes stainless steel brake heat shields provide a thermal barrier between your glowing hot rotors and your brake caliper and hydraulic brake fluid. This helps prevent heat damage to caliper seals and dust boots, as well as preventing overheating of brake fluid which can cause sudden loss of braking power. The primary benefits to you are better and more consistent braking on the track, saving time and $$ on repairs, and helping you keep your car on the track longer. Our high grade 304 stainless steel heat shields give you excellent protection from brake heat, far superior to standard steel or aluminum, while saving money compared to our titanium components. For any given thickness, the 304 stainless steel version has about 2-3 times the amount of thermal conductivity compared to our titanium shields. For this reason we only sell them in 1.0mm of thicker versions. Our stainless steel heat shields are also popular for the few racing series that do not allow the use of titanium components.

Hard Brakes titanium brake heat shields installed in brake caliper. Each shield is precisely designed to provide maximum coverage of the brake pad surface and to hook securely over the caliper pins for a quick and reliable installation that allows them to be re-used over and over again. Unlike some knock-off imitators, our heat shields have a smooth polished finish that is free of surface contaminants or burrs. We also are unique in taking special attention to providing cutouts and punchouts for mounting clips and other protrusions on the brake pad. Photo of a set of 4 titanium brake heat shields. Our heat shields have been track tested and proven by legions of drivers around the world. Take advantage of our satisfaction guarantee and prove it to yourself! Pricing is per-axle (i.e. front or rear axle, each set includes 4 shims, one for each brake pad on the axle). We also recommend a packet of our ceramic racing brake lubricant with or without our heat shields, to ensure that all brake components are moving smoothly and to reduce brake noise.

Hard Brakes ventilated brake heat shields are protected under U.S. Patent No. 8,757,332.

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