Solid and Ventilated Titanium Brake Heat Shields
Patented Brake Heat Protection
Better Braking - More Track Time - Less Maintenance

How much heat do these brake heat shields block?

One picture is worth a thousand words in this case. Take a look at this shim from one of our test racers after a hard session at the track. The pictures show that our titanium brake backing plate can prevent scorching heat from passing through the shim in track conditions.  Want more information?  Check out our controlled laboratory test results that show a reduction in temperatures at the caliper piston/pad interface of over 140F degrees!  Also check out our track testimonials to learn about real world results from our customers and test drivers from the race track.  Some of our customers report that our brake heat shields have completely eliminated their brake fade problems caused by overheating brake fluid, while others have found them to be an effective cooling element used in combination with brake ducts and other techniques.  While our heat shields do not provide 100% protection in all extreme cases, they can make a critical difference in many situations.  That advantage can be the difference between keeping your car on the track or visiting the run-off area.

Hard Brakes ventilated brake heat shields are protected under U.S. Patent No. 8,757,332.

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